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  1. Chris Davidson says:

    I loved your latest episode on political views, morals, etc of characters.
    I recently watched 10 Cloverfield Lane and enjoyed it very much, but the second time through (I don’t want to spoil it if you haven’t seen it ) I watched it through the perspective of another character (other than the main protagonist ) and it was enlightening and a completely different film. It has brilliant writing in it. The depth of the ‘morals’ of the characters completely changes the reactions they have to stressors. That’s where the background of a character really matters because it decides whether a person runs, fights, defends others or cowers and lets someone else take over. Most writers make their protagonists heroes because that’s what they want to be, but in most circumstances the tough guy with the gun in his pocket gets shot with everybody else or goes into shock and can’t react as a hero.
    I highly recommend 10 Cloverfield Lane. If you have seen it let me know so I can say what perspective I am talking about.
    I love the podcast, thanks for putting it out.
    Thanks, Chris

    1. Yap Audio Production says:

      Thanks Chris, will need to check that out. Glad you’re enjoying the poddy!

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