Audio Drama as a business model, and your home recording setup

We caught up with Mariele and David from the Wireless Theatre Company when they were up in Edinburgh doing a series of live shows at the festival last month. As a professional audio drama production company, with multiple awards and a BBC commission under their belts there’s certainly no shortage of things we can learn from them. We actually had such a great chat with them that it lasted nearly an hour, so we’ve split it in two and the second part will likely be on next weeks podcast.

On top of that, we had a guest presenter on the show. Mr Tony Lunn is an experienced sound engineer and creator/producer of Novo Babylonia. We spent a bit of time discussing home recording setups, microphones, recording conditions, and the general heartache of ‘noise’. This is a topic we’d like to revisit in more detail at some point, so if you’ve any particular questions or contributions, let us know at

Also – here’s a link to the excellent free Audioscripter app, created by listener Bryce Beattie.