Netflix for Audio Drama, with Fred Greenhalgh

Are current audio drama distribution models and bland podcast categories holding you back?

Fred Greenhalgh (FinalruneRadio Drama RevivalThe Cleansed) wrote a fantastic article back in March titled Audio Drama Needs a 21st Century Business Model. On this weeks show we have an interview with Fred about said article, as well as his thoughts on monetization, and the future of the medium. This ties in nicely with part two of our interview with the Wireless Theatre Company, where we ask them about Fred’s article, before going on to discussing studio recording, actor voice reels, winning awards, Stephen Fry, Brian Blessed, being naked, and dodgy stock footstep sound effects.

On top of that, we’ve got a listener trailer, in the form of Pen & Paper by EC Bond. And also mentioned – a brand new horror show for Halloween – RIP, by the wonderful folks at Campfire Radio Theatre. Go check them out!

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