Creating Sound Effects, with Ric Viers

Are you often frustrated by low quality stock sound effects? Ric was, now he’s one of the best in the business.

Ric Viers, author of The Sound Effects Bible, The Location Sound Bible, and top man at Blastwave FX is on the show, discussing all things sound effects.

“I figured with the consumer grade stuff I was going to get some level of noise, and it wasn’t going to be the absolute best recording techniques and things like that. It was when I got into the professional libraries that I was really disappointed.

There was one sound effect in particular, I’ll never forget the sound, it came out a professional library, it’s the stuff people were using in Hollywood, and it was a gunshot, and I was excited because I was just getting started and I was thinking “I want to hear what a gunshot sounds like to someone who is in Hollywood and actually makes this stuff”. And you could hear the gunshot, it was a cool gunshot, but as you hear the bullet trailing off in the distance, also you hear the guy reload the weapon, you hear him walking around, you hear him talking to his buddy, and all of these sounds ended up in actual sound effect, and I’ll never forget, I was shaking my head going “you gotta be kidding me, guys”.

I mean I wasn’t a sound effects producer at the time and I knew enough to know that I shouldn’t have background noise, or people talking or moving around during the middle of the sound effect. And that was kinda like the last straw for me, I think I had been doing it for almost a year at that point and when I heard that I said “alright, that’s it, I’m just going to start recording my own sound effects, that way I can get clean sound effects”, and that just opened a door to a whole new world for me.” Ric Viers

If you’re listening around the time of release you may just have time to enter their sound design competition too. You can hear Matthew’s entry here. We also mention our Freesound page, where you can use effects we’ve produced on a Creative Commons license.

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