Building your talent pool, and taking good care of them

If you are working with little or no budget you should still try and reward your talent in whatever way you can. Monique Boudreau and Betsey Palmer have some tips and advice.

Building a pool of local actors to record your show together can have huge benefits for your production. Betsey Palmer (Hartlife/Our Fair City) and Monique Boudreau (Aural Stage Studios/A Prophet’s Guide) bring their experiences to the table, and show us that you can take good care of your actors, musicians, and general talent – even if you are working on a shoestring budget, (or no budget at all).

Elsewhere, we give our opinions on World Audio Drama Day, as well as discussing a recent article about the growth of podcasting.

Also mentioned, results of Matthew’s recent survey of online audio drama listeners. Audio drama by EC Bond. Shameless plugs for the Yap Audio Drama Factory and Aftermath, as well as our new soon-to-be-released eBook ‘How to Create Audio Drama’, which is aimed at someone who has never recorded or produced a single piece of audio before in their life. We’re giving away 3 free copies of this guide, so join our email list to throw your hat in the ring, and we’ll announce the winners on the same day that we announce the release date.