Don’t beat yourself up over your early work

Producing audio is a learning curve, embrace the fact that you’re moving forward

Radio Drama Revival, one of the central institutions of modern audio drama, kicked off their apocalypse season with episodes 1-4 of our very own Aftermath series last week. We were humbled and honoured to be featured on this show, and it sparked a discussion between us when we listened back, as these were some of the earliest audio dramas we created, back in 2012. Though we’re still proud of season one we can be over critical of our work back then, hence our discussion this week. Don’t beat yourself up over your early work, you were happy with it at the time and it demonstrates the fact that you have learned and improved. We cover some of the issues that new producers face when entering the audio production arena, and some of the solutions that we learned through our experiences.

Elsewhere, it sounds like Edict Zero FIS could be back with us pretty soon. We’re talking about possible sponsorship to help cover our hosting costs, and we’re looking to hear from you if you’re producing an audio drama in 2015 (whether that’s an ongoing show that already exists, or something that you’re working on at the moment). Send us the title and a short synopsis, as well as where we can find it, to and we’ll read through them on the show just before the New Year.

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1 thought on “Don’t beat yourself up over your early work”

  1. Nice to be considered a ‘central institution of modern audio drama,’ Matthew, that is very humbling! Oh, we have ‘first shows’ too… When auditioning material I try to overlook the technical flaws if possible to see if there is good stuff under the core – original ideas, fun writing, etc… and plenty of material just doesn’t make it, other stuff shows the potential to be good if the producer keeps it up. Happy to see among the latter and keep on truckin’ !

    – Fred

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