Loudness, bit rates, and audio production

What are the generally accepted standards? With Mike Russell

Mike Russell of Music Radio Creative, The Audio Production Podcast, the Podcast About Podcasting, and co-founder/organiser of UK Podcasters and New Media Europe (and that’s just some of the things he’s involved in!) took time out his busy schedule to chat to us about all things audio production.

Two articles were mentioned, one on XLR cables, and one on the new VAT regulations. During the chat with Mike, I also mentioned the survey question on how people are consuming audio drama.

You’ve still got a few weeks to get the How to Create Audio Drama’ eBook for only £4.99. The VAT stuff will mean we’ll probably have to sell it on Amazon afterwards.

Also, if there’s anything you need to get in touch with us about – podcast@audiodramaproduction.com is the email address, @yapaudio is the Twitter, you can also join the email list, and the Facebook group.

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