eBooks, voice acting, and story arcs

“I also think that, with the rising popularity of audiobooks… people are jumping over to audio drama. Sound as a delivery device for entertainment content is really exploding. People listen to stuff when they’re on the road for long trips, riding the subway, at home doing stuff… working, or just plain relaxing and chilling out… you name it. I think we’ve all become so busy, and we all expect so much from ourselves, that anything which allows us to multitask in that way is attractive.”  Jack Kincaid

Kincaid’s long running audio drama series Edict Zero FIS captured our imagination back in 2011, and, along with We’re Alive, was responsible for us moving into the production game ourselves. Now, in 2015 and after a long hiatus, the show is on the cusp of a widely anticipated return. Two teaser trailers have been released over the past few days, and we thought it would be timely to ask Jack on to the show to give us an update on everything he’s been up to, as well as his plans for the future.

You can also find Jack’s written fiction on Amazon 

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