Get inside your listener’s head, with Dirk Maggs

We are delighted to welcome Dirk Maggs (Neverwhere, Good Omens, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy) on to the show to chat about audio drama production. Dirk answers questions about how he began his career in radio drama, working with and directing big stars like Benedict Cumberbatch and James McAvoy, his take on studio versus field recording, as well as offering some great advice for those looking to move towards creating their own audio drama shows themselves.

“You can do so much more in audio, you can go anywhere. Use your imagination; go from the top of Everest to the depths of the Mariana Trench in the Pacific. Travel to new worlds. Go inside someone’s head… go inside and live in their head…you can go microscopic…you can go cosmic.

Good radio drama, good audio drama, is ‘go and make a world’, go and paint a picture in sound, which makes the imagination create huge fascinating pictures…even huge fascinating pictures of tiny things. If it’s a man locked in a cell for twenty years, and you are just with him in that cell, you can still explore everything about the human condition, and you can do it with colour, and texture, and light.

And you’re just working in sound.” Dirk Maggs

Elsewhere, we have a wee chat on how it feels to have finished our ‘apprenticeship’ in audio drama production after releasing the last ever episode of Aftermath, the Scottish post-apocalyptic audio drama. The series ran for two seasons and twelve episodes in total.

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