5 Reasons Why You Should Start An Audio Drama

1. Have your story heard, literally

The ability to self-publish online means you can tell your story no matter what. But the eBook market is increasingly flooded and very competitive, not to mention the fact that you’re going toe-to-toe with authors like Stephen King and JK Rowling in the quest for book sales and readers. It is quite different in audio drama at the moment, where there is a huge demand for good content. Tell your story as an audio drama, and if it’s good enough, it will be heard.

2. Set your story anywhere, any time

Setting a film in a sprawling fantasy world or a war torn galaxy can cost hundreds of millions. In audio drama you can tell any story, in any time period, in any location, whether it’s fictional or real. Do you need authentic and expensive film sets, costumes, lighting, or CGI special effects? No, you just need to draw the listener in to your story through music, sound effects, ambience, and voices – their imagination will do the rest. This truly is the CGI of the mind.

3. Podcasting is going to be huge

Nowadays, you need a radio station to broadcast your work as much as you need to burn it on to a CD. Podcasting is exploding right now. You’ve probably heard of the recent hype surrounding the ‘Serial’ show, and that is only the tip of a very large iceberg. The podcast app is now mandatory on most iPhones, giving you access to an unthinkable number of potential listeners. As well as that, more and more new cars are being built with podcast interfaces in them. In a few years time why will anyone listen to commercial, linear radio stations when they can access exactly the kind of content they want to listen to? And it’s all completely on demand. Podcast your audio drama series and get a foothold before the masses start to fill up the market.

4. You can cut your teeth for film or television

Okay, so you like the sound of audio drama, but your dream is to work on TV or film. That’s absolutely fine. But think about it, are you more likely to realise this dream by sending out scripts to commissioners in the hope they’ll be made one day, or by proving that your story does work by actually making it in an audio form? If your series ends up with an army of dedicated followers who love the story, the characters, and absolutely can’t wait for the next episode, then surely that is more likely to catch the eye (or ear) of a television producer. Either that or they might be so impressed with your audio that they’ll offer you a job as a sound designer.

5. Live inside head of your listener. Audio Drama is a truly unique and intimate medium.

We were recently joined by Dirk Maggs on the Audio Drama Production Podcast who summed this up in such an eloquent and profound way;

“You can do so much more in audio, you can go anywhere. Use your imagination; go from the top of Everest to the depths of the Mariana Trench in the Pacific. Travel to new worlds. Go inside someone’s head… go inside and live in their head…you can go microscopic…you can go cosmic.

Good radio drama, good audio drama, is ‘go and make a world’, go and paint a picture in sound, which makes the imagination create huge fascinating pictures… even huge fascinating pictures of tiny things. If it’s a man locked in a cell for twenty years, and you are just with him in that cell, you can still explore everything about the human condition, and you can do it with colour, and texture, and light.

And you’re just working in sound.”

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