Satellite recording, & constructive criticism

Audio Drama is global, your cast can be too. And how do you give helpful, actionable feedback to others?

Fiona Thraille of Cooperantem Audio talks about why satellite/remote recording has given freedom and accessibility to creative people who, previously, would have been unable to get fully involved in drama for a variety of reasons. The option for producers to have a global cast for their show is now a very popular one, and means that those even in the most rural areas have access to a whole world of great voice actors, so long as they have an internet connection.

Fiona also talked about how can you provide useful, actionable feedback for others, without being unhelpfully positive, or unhelpfully critical. I also asked her about the potential for a “Satellite actors generally accepted standards” code, and why everyone is so obsessed with file names?

Elsewhere, Robert has been listening to The Truth, and he really likes it. You can hear producer Jonathan Mitchell being interviewed on this very podcast in episode 21. This came up as we’ve taken our first small steps into field and location recording.

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We mention that Richard Hand, co-author of the Radio Drama Handbook, will be on the show this month. This is a great book that we’ve both read (and probably plagiarised) at university.

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