Learning and teaching audio drama

“For me, practice has always been important, as a way of understanding something, you know. It’s all very well reading about it, and listening to it, but actually, when we put things on their feet, looking at these old scripts, and saying “okay lets get a group of actors and musicians together and lets see if we can make it work” – it really does open things up.” Richard Hand

Richard Hand (The Radio Drama Handbook, Listen in terror: British Horror Radio from the Advent of Broadcasting to the Digital Age) joins us on the show to talk all things audio drama. From teaching and learning, to the rise of the independent producer and a new generation of audio dramatists. (some folks mentioned were We’re Alive, Wireless Theatre CompanyChatterbox Audio Theater, & Fred Greenhalgh’s ‘Audio Drama Needs a 21st Century Business Model’ article)

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We also released some new audio drama – ‘This is not Dr Who Fan Fiction’, and Captive Minds’ (field recorded version), and mentioned that we were doing some work with Campfire Radio Theater. You can subscribe to that feed on iTunes, or through the UK Podcasters Directory.

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