How to create a local audio drama group

We recently talked about the great flexibility and benefits to be had using the satellite or remote approach to cast and record actors for your audio drama. But in time you might start to find certain aspects of this approach limiting, and many producers eventually look towards recording and producing locally using their own pool of actors.

Of course, in order to do this, you’ll actually need a pool of actors. Not only that, you’re going to need a recording space too. So what are your options?

In this episode we look at the benefits of creating a local acting pool, before talking through where you might be able to find good actors, and where you might be able to record your shows.

On top of that, you might be interested in some past episodes that have contributed to this discussion. Recording your production locally (with Matthew Boudreau), Building your talent pool – and taking good care of them (with Monique Boudreau and Betsey Palmer), and Casting your show (with Kc Wayland) 

Also mentioned, Fred Greenhalgh’s interview on the Sonic Society podcast where he talks about Roger Gregg telling him he didn’t need a studio to create audio drama, and our chat with Dirk Maggs where he advises that beginners “with no budget, who want to do audio stuff… create these movies for the mind, using audio. I recommend that they go out on location. Take a portable recorder like an H2 or an H4, or the Edirols, or whatever you can get. Take a portable recorder, and play with it.

“Work out how to get the best result, the best balance of voices with background without it being too cattery, or too distant, or too echoey… because, you immediately remove one problem, which is setting your action somewhere atmospheric. You’ve already found that. So as soon as somebody says to me “oh I’d love to do it, but I can’t afford a studio”, I say you don’t need a studio if you have one of these little recorders, and once you’ve got one you can go anywhere, and do pretty much anything.”

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