What is a reviewer looking for in your work?

“Radio drama should be able to make you hear with your eyes, and see with your ears.”

Laurence Raw, the man behind the excellent Radio Drama Reviews website, joins us for a chat. What are the central components of a good audio drama? What does the future hold for amateur and aspiring audio drama creators? And what opportunities are there to improve, build an audience, and earn a living from the medium?

“I do think that one of the ‘problems’ let’s say, of the BBC, is that, unless you actually get to know people, there is this divide between the ways in which the producers produce their drama, and the ways in which the listeners respond to that drama. You know, they don’t actually have much communication between the two. 

I think that there’s this opening for alternative audio drama outfits to be able to foster a relationship with their potential listeners. Once that relationship has been fostered, then I think they can build up their listener-base, and therefore have more opportunities to be able to experiment, and also to have a positive reaction to their experiments.” 

On top of that, we’re talking feedback and constructive criticism. How do you invite feedback from your peers and your audience? How do you process that feedback, and how do you decide which areas to take action on?

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