8 ways you can help others to succeed in audio drama, & keeping silent characters in the picture

We’ve come up with a list of ways you can help your fellow audio dramatists to succeed and grow, which aims to help the whole audio drama community move forward as one. After that, we have a great clip from Kessi Riliniki, creator of Those Who Sing, with some clever tips on keeping silent characters in the picture and creating a more lifelike soundscape. We also mention Episode 6 with Matthew Boudreau after talk of A Prophet’s Guide, Campfire Radio Theater’s Ghosts of Flannan Lighthouse, our brand new VoiceMap route, set in Edinburgh, titled “The Royal Mile”, and our Patreon page.

There’s some chat about doing a UK Audio Drama event in 2016, so we’re also looking for people who might be interested in attending, or even getting involved in the planning and organisation. If you’re on Facebook there’s a dedicated group for this right here.

As ever, you can get in touch at podcast@audiodramaproduction.com, or find us on Facebook and Twitter.


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