Is it a good idea to make fan fiction?

“To produce fan fiction, or not to produce fan fiction, that is the question” (Sylvester Stallone, Terminator 2, 1997)

Well, this episode has been brewing for a while now. Voice actor and all round good guy Michael Hudson (Edict ZeroAftermath, and much more) was around these parts recently and wanted to fight the cause of those who produce fan shows. We’d love to hear your opinion on the matter too, so get in touch at

Elsewhere, we give a heads up to two new audio dramas we had a particular interest in. Ghosts of Flannan Lighthouse by Campfire Radio Theater, and Those Who Sing by Kessi Riliniki. We also doff our collective cap to voice actor Owen McCuen for supporting our affiliate program, you can find Owen’s excellent work on Soundcloud here and here.

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