Writing dialogue, episode lengths, & a UK Audio Drama event

Writing dialogue is one of the most important things you’ll do when creating audio drama. Without it your story wouldn’t even exist. So what makes for ‘good’ dialogue, and how do you go about writing it? Eli McIlveen, creator of Alba Salix, Royal Physician gives his thoughts and opinions.

We also answer a question on episode lengths. How long should your average episode be? Is there a generally accepted standard?

And there’s more on the proposed 2016 UK Audio Drama Event, we’d really like to hear your opinions so please take a couple of minutes to fill out this short survey.

Also mentioned, an article by Christian Madera of The Once & Future Nerd titled 5 Podcasts for Fantasy Fans, some audio drama in SpanishStories of Mahabharata on the Sonic Society, and an interesting sounding app called Clammr discussed on the latest episode of The School of Podcasting.

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