Creating interactive audio fiction, & fantasy character accents

If you want to build a business, earn a bit of extra pocket money, or even just get creative and have fun with audio fiction, there are other ways to do so outside of the traditional podcasting method.

Our guests on this weeks show, Iain Manley (VoiceMap) and Adele Kirby (Imagineactive Audio Fitness Adventures), have created two very different, but equally innovative audio apps based around their own passions and interests. Both use audio to tell stories, so whether that’s guiding you on factual or fictional tours around towns or cities, or training you to survive an alien invasion and impending apocalypse, you know you’re going to be entertained in a very different way than simply sitting back with your headphones on.

You can get involved with VoiceMap yourself by creating a route with them, just like we did. Or maybe you have some ideas on how you can use your skills as a writer, producer, or voice actor to create some sort of interactive audio app of your own.

Elsewhere, we also discuss accents in fantasy shows. Can you have ‘new world’ accents in ‘old world’ settings without affecting the stories authenticity? We’d love to hear your opinions on this topic.

And as ever, we can be chatted up at, in our Facebook group, or on Twitter.

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