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It has almost become expected in modern audio drama production circles that you need to do everything when it comes to putting a show together. Writing a good story as a script that works in audio is a huge challenge in itself, to then have that story recorded and mix it together and make it sound great is another challenge altogether.

So are you trying to master two arts; writing and audio production? Do you want to master two arts? Do you feel you neglect one, don’t have as much time for one, or even as much passion for one? In that case, should you not just focus on the role you want to play in making audio drama stories? In this episode we pose these questions, and offer our own feelings on the subject.

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Voice Actor Home Recording Setup

We mentioned in the show that we’ve got a couple of articles on the site based around recording voices as part of a remote/satellite cast. These are ‘How to reduce reverb if you don’t have a vocal booth’ and ‘Our recommended home recording setup for voice actors’.

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