Composing Music for Audio Drama

The music you use can make or break your production, so it’s about time we talked about it on the podcast. On this episode, a household name in Audio Drama – the legendary Kevin MacLeod of – joins us to chat about the creative commons model, his workload, and the ways you can potentially commission him in the future to score your own shows.

On top of that, we’ve brought another great composer to the table, friend of the show, the tirelessly prolific Kevin Hartnell. You’ll have probably heard his work already in some recent Campfire Radio Theater shows, and he’s already created a big library of music for our up and coming anthology series Valenhigh.

Some of the things mentioned on the show, Kevin McLeod’s Patreon accountGLS microphones. And the fact that we’ve turned Tuesdays into “Reviewsdays” to encourage you to take a few minutes each week to rate and review your favourite audio drama shows on directories like iTunes and Stitcher.

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