Profiting with your Audio Drama

You probably don’t create Audio Drama specifically to make money, but wouldn’t it be nice to get paid for doing something you love?

Traditionally, creators would need to find someone to commission and/or broadcast their work to bring in some cash. In the internet age however, there are several options available to you. On this episode we chat to podcast monetization guru The Real Brian, host of the Profitcast and Arrow Squad podcasts. We cover the various options available to podcasters who are thinking about making money with their shows, and attempt to relate these specifically to your own Audio Dramas.

These include, sponsorships and advertising, eBooks and other products, premium content, affiliate links, and crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Patreon (and on the subject of Patreon – check out this episode of Profitcast for some fantastic tips for setting up and running your own Patreon campaign).

Also mentioned, a recent topical blog post titled Should I charge for my Audio Dramas’?

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