Why do you make Audio Drama? Cast gender, & book adaptations

Creating an Audio Drama is a huge undertaking. It’s going to take up loads of your time and energy, and you’ll probably earn little or no money from it. So why are you doing it? In this episode we chat about having a tough spell, and take a look at the bigger picture, asking ourselves, what really matters to us as content creators?

Also covered this week – are you writing too many male characters in your stories? Do female VAs get a raw deal when it comes to casting calls? Is there an ingrained prejudice against women in audio drama, and if so, how do we tackle it?

And finally, we talk about adapting books as audio dramas. If you’re not particularly interested in writing, maybe you could adapt a work in the public domain, or approach an indie author and work with them to dramatise their novel.

Mentioned in this weeks show, Hidden Harbor MysteriesIt’s About TimeLord Dinby Whitherspoon: Duke of SpaceA Canticle for LiebowitzThe Once & Future NerdFire on the Mound, and Stories from Mahabharata. We also mentioned this online file converter.

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