Audio Drama identity & discoverability. Doing live shows

On this episode, Sound Stages Radio’s Sibby Wieland joins us for a chat. Sibby has carried out a lot of great work in the Audio Drama community over the years, and most recently organised a panel to discuss the medium at the South by Southwest Film Festival. Sound Stages Radio were also instrumental in bringing about Audio Drama Day on the 30th October, we talked about it’s impact and reception both inside and outside of the community, and how it might evolve and grow in the future.

We covered the discoverability of Audio Drama, how do people search for and find content? And will they find your own show?

We also talk identity, what is Audio Drama, and how do we explain the medium succinctly to others?

And do we have enough presence at conventions? How can we go about improving on this so we can make more of an impact?

Sibby also has loads of experience putting on live shows. We asked her what’s involved, and what benefits can a producer, director or troupe gain from going down this route.

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