Mastering your craft. Being a writer

With Dan Black of A Writer’s Life

When you begin your journey as an Audio Drama creator, there’s a lot to learn. Whether your main interest lies in production, writing, or both, you’ll pick up huge amounts of information each day as you start to put the pieces together and learn the trade.

During that period, the feeling of self-improvement and development is almost constant. Just as you start to allow yourself the thought of “Hey, I’m actually getting good at this” you suddenly hit a massive brick wall.

Okay, you’re good at what you do. But look at the people who are actually brilliant at it. You realise there’s still so much to learn before you can reach this level yourself.

It’s dealing with this big hurdle, or plateau, that forms the basis of our chat with Dan Black, host of the excellent A Writer’s Life podcast.

Dan’s show is very different to the others in his field, and certainly one of the most entertaining and informative podcasts we’ve ever heard. If your comfort zone leads to stagnation and complacency then he’s going to keep you right out of it. He’s like a sparring partner, knocking you around the ring, toughening you up for these next big challenges.

With a bit of work, anyone can get good at something, but don’t just try to get good at making Audio Drama. Seek excellence.

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4 thoughts on “Mastering your craft. Being a writer”

  1. This was a fantastic episode. Dan’s style of advice is strangely attractive- because it’s so brutally honest. I may start to binge listen to his podcast as well.

    Formerly, I saw myself as a novelist, but I got stuck for a while until I started writing audio drama. Now I’ve grown both as a prose and script writer.

  2. Wow, what a counter-productive episode. This nearly stopped my listening it was so discouraging. But I gave the benefit of the doubt that wasn’t going to be the new norm. I understand giving all point of view, and this is mine on this episode from a loyal listener.

    1. Hey Rick, I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t enjoy the episode with DB. It was certainly pretty controversial at the time, many people loved it and many people hated it.

      Sometimes these things happen though. Hopefully it hasn’t spoiled your opinion of the podcast overall!


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