Release Schedules. Crowdfunding

The big news in Audio Drama this week was the funding of We’re Alive: Lockdown on Kickstarter. They raised nearly $5000 over their $50,000 target with over 1000 listeners pledging money to ensure that the project will go ahead. We discuss what this means for the medium, and if it validates a mainstream demand for quality and consistently released Audio Drama.

How does a independent Audio Drama production achieve a goal like this? There’s no real shortcuts. It takes years of hard work, patient growth, and becoming a huge part of your listeners’ routines and lives. For more information on the background of this project check out interviews with Kc Wayland on Radio Drama Revival and The Sonic Society.

Spanning from this topic was a discussion on release schedules, and how it relates to building an audience that will be prepared to support you further in crowdfunding projects. If a monthly release schedule is the minimum expectation for building traction, can you achieve this on your own? Should you attempt it on your own?

Also mentioned on the show – Lord Dinby Witherspoon: Duke of SpaceANKHOtherworldiesPen & PaperMinister of ChanceA Writers LifeThe Strange Disappearance of Henry Allison, and an interview with creator Tom Bajoras on The Doorpost Project Podcast.

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