What does your world sound like?

When you write or build a scene in your story, you are visualising a living, breathing world in your head. Is it your job then to try and recreate the most “authentic” representation of this for your listener?

Is it also your job to try and make your listener “see” exactly what you imagine when they visualise the world around your characters?

In this episode we dip into the roles of sounds and soundscapes, covering what might add to, and what might detract from the pictures you are trying to paint when telling your stories.

For more information on this subject, check out these three excellent books, The Foley Grail, The Location Sound Bible, and The Audio Theater Guide.

Also in this episode, there’s a big prize to be won in the Aural Stage Studios Otherworldlies Walla Competition. We talk about our planned Audio Drama anthology series Valenhigh (and how you can get involved in that yourself), we speculate some more about the UK Audio Drama 2016 meet up, and we shamelessly beg for your to nominate us for a UK Podcast Award.

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