Background Conversations & Walla

Background conversations are an opportunity to subtly fill your story with bits and pieces of information, as unnamed characters chat amongst the dips in your main dialogue. Master this art and you can further reduce the need for narration and over-expositional discussion. 

We had an email in from listener Klim asking about the best way to record some background ambience for his rowdy medieval tavern. In this episode we discuss background conversations as part of the layers of your soundscape. We also give examples on how to create crowd walla and background conversations, and direct you to some written resources such as The Sound Effects Bible & Audio Theater.

We also mention some Audio Drama/fiction/podcasts in the form of (surprise surprise!) Edict Zero FISAftermathFire on the MoundRobinson Crusoe 2244Dead AheadThe BAFTA Screenwriters’ Lecture SeriesThe General Failure Podcast, and Valenhigh.

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