Making Audio Drama with children

Making Audio Drama with kids can be challenging but rewarding. In this episode we discuss both of these factors – and many more, as we’re joined by producer of Aaron’s World (and proud Dad of Aaron) Mike Meraz.

Mike has been helping his son (and his friends) to create this wonderful educational dinosaur Audio Drama for no fewer than five years. So how did it all come about? What is involved? And is it something that you can use to spend time with, and to help educate your own kids?

Elsewhere, there’s mentions for our own Audio Drama story Time is Money, a French audio forum called Netophonix, and season two of Lord Dinby Witherspoon: Duke of Space.

Also, at the time of writing, we’ve just found out that we’re a finalist in the Performing Arts category of the 2015 UK Podcasters Awards. Thank you so much to everyone who nominated us to help get us there – and if you’re not sick of us yet, can you spare another minute to vote for us?

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