Voice Acting & Visual Impairment

The fantastic Tanja Milojevic joins us for a chat about voice acting, visual impairment, and more. Tanja has her own Audio Drama series, LightningBolt Theater of the Mind, and has also starred in countless other Audio Dramas, including our all time favourite show Edict Zero FIS.

During the conversation, Tanja talks about her home recording setup, and how she deals with external noise, as well as having some tips for aspiring voice actors. She also offers some great insights into how to bring your characters to life when behind the microphone.

Tanja’s helpful links are The Voice Acting AllianceAudio Drama Talk, and the 19 Nocturne Boulevard Tone Didactic podcast (this was like the original Audio Drama Production Podcast). You can also check out our own recommended recording setup for voice actors for more information on the subject.

Also mentioned on the show – a new home for our own Audio Drama (including Aftermath) – and we’d love you to vote for us in the UK Podcasters Awards.

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