What is Audio Drama anyway?

This question has been raised a few times recently, and following a discussion on Audio Drama elevator pitches with Sound Stages Radio’s Sibby Weiland (listen to our chat here) we decided to put the call out to ask you how you would define this medium in one sentence.

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What is Audio Drama?


Monique Boudreau of Aural Stage Studios answered this question, claiming “It is not Old Time Radio and/or audio books; no more campiness please, this is Modern Audio Drama.

Comparing Modern Audio Drama to Old Time Radio is like comparing modern film to silent films. We draw our history from OTR, but our methods are more similar to that of the film soundtrack than the episodic cliffhangers and dialog heavy epics of yesterday.

The best Audio Dramas do not copy these old methods, except to borrow them from time to time as hallmarks of the medium or approaches that are still used in sound today.

Good Modern Audio Dramas are richly woven productions, that blend original scripts of well-told stories with quality acting, brand new musical scores, hand-built sound effects and professional recording and post-production equipment and standards.

Modern Audio Drama is a story that crawls inside your head and kicks you in the hypothalamus.”


Elevator Pitches – “Audio Drama is…”


“An Audio Drama is the performance of a story captured in sound.” Monique Boudreau

“It’s like an On Demand TV listing, except it’s audio-only content, so you can listen to your favorite shows while on a commute or while getting work done around the house.” Bryan Lincoln

“Audio Drama is like a movie you can listen to with your eyes closed” Domien De Groot

“Audio Drama is storytelling where the images are created with a evocatively crafted mix of sounds and words.” Joey Madia

“Audio Drama is television without pictures” Paul M. Mosher

“Audio Drama is a story told through the medium of sound. It is not text that is read into a microphone but a performance of a story through audio.” Matthew J. Boudreau

“Audio Drama is recorded aural storytelling” William J. Meyer

“Audio Drama is the lovechild of Old Time Radio and Podcasting” Matthew McLean

“Audio Drama is dialogue, sound effects, imagination!” Jens Hewerer