Developing Story Ideas. AudioFlix

Story ideas probably creep up on you all the time, you could be in the shower, out running, or lying in your bed. They could be fully fledged story ideas, fragments of stories, individual scenes, or short snippets of conversations. The point is, where do you go from here? Regular ADPP contributor Steve Schneider talks through his own process in dealing with these ideas, how he documents and attempts to pull them all together so that they might actually become Audio Dramas one day. Perhaps this method might work well for you? Or maybe you already have a similar system in place – if so, why not get in touch and share it with us.

Elsewhere, everyone’s favourite Belgian Audio Dramatist Domien De Groot (Witch Hunter ChroniclesWill of the Woods) debuts as our first ever guest interviewer. He caught up with Tim Knofler, the man behind new Audio Drama streaming subscription service AudioFlix to find out more about the project, and if this will be the “Netflix for Audio Drama” that has been so widely discussed in recent years.

We’d love to see more contributions like these on the show, so if you’d like to discuss a topic, or interview someone, you can send them over to us at And even if you’e completely new to the medium please don’t be put off from having your say. We want to hear from everyone.

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