How to Promote Your Show & Grow Your Audience

Is the way you promote your show actually doing more harm than good?

There are tried and tested ways of growing your audience, none of which involve any short term or overnight routes to success. You can spend hours each week blasting links all over Facebook, Twitter, and other social media streams – but will anyone care, and does this really have any impact in the long run?

People are far more likely to take an interest in what you do, when you’ve taken an interest in what they do. Making friends with people, interacting with them, and sharing their content (as well as your own) is far more likely to lead to you reaching new people and increasing your audience.

Avoid ‘cold call’ style mass tweets to people asking for listens, RTs, donations etc. Instead, treat social media as a conversation. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with sharing links to your work, but make sure it isn’t the only thing you’re doing. If you copy and paste the same link into 15 different Facebook groups, are you active in each of these groups? Or are you only there to act like a digital billboard?

There was plenty happening elsewhere in Audio Drama this week. Locke & Key topped the Audible charts, Audio Theater Central are selling Audio Drama T-shirts (for a limited time only, so be quick to get yours), Hadron Gospel Hour were victorious in The Geekie Awards, and The Owl Field were nominated for a Futurebook Award, and Audio Drama Day is fast approaching, we actually have an article up on the site called Why You Should Be Listening to Audio Drama.

On top of that, we mentioned some other shows, Night Delivery by Campfire Radio Theater, Roswell BC, and Gallowtree.

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  1. Gentlemen, I really enjoyed this topic today. I’m really a very late bloomer to the whole social media arena as far as promoting stuff. Just started on Twitter and am gradually understanding it(I think!) I’ve greatly enjoyed being a miniscule part of audiodrama with Julie Hoverson’s and Jack Kincaid’s productions as well as a few others and in the past 5 years have been narrating some audiobooks and voice acting etc… so very new indeed. Such a new world for me – and you guys make it even more interesting ! Thanks!

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