Making Sound Effects, Building Soundscapes

Sound effects and soundscapes are an integral part of your Audio Drama, and often the best way to get your hands on that perfect sound you envisaged when you wrote the show is to go ahead and make it yourself.

John Ballentine of Campfire Radio Theater is this episode’s guest contributor, and he’ll be offering up some hints and tips on how to create anything, from a gun clicking, to the sound of the world burning under an apocalyptic Martian invasion.

There’s also a brief segment afterwards covering some of our own sound effects, which are all available for you to use on the Freesound website.

And if this is a subject that floats your boat, check out our interview with SFX Guru Ric Viers – as well as his aptly named book The Sound Effects Bible. We also highly recommend another book in this field too, The Foley Grail by Vanessa Theme Ament.

Made some sound effects yourself using unlikely household items? Send them in with some details about how you went about it and we might play them on the show –

With thanks to Avi Ziv from Stories of Mahabharata for the intro!