Writing for Audio Drama: Characters & Structure of a Series

If you’re planning to write a serialised Audio Drama there’s a lot to think about in terms of your wider story arcs, individual episodes, and characters.

In the first of these ‘Writing for Audio Drama’ roundtable discussions, host Bryan Lincoln assembles a wealth of talent in Dave Robison (Roundtable Podcast), Eli McIlveen (Alba Salix), and Mike McQuilkin (Hadron Gospel Hour). The guys chat about their own experiences, and provide you with a goldmine of hints, tips, and advice towards writing and structuring your own series.

We hope for this to become a regular feature on the show, so if you have a topic, or would like to be involved in a future discussion, please get in touch with us at podcast@audiodramaproduction.com and we’ll pass you on to Bryan. Or, you can get in touch with Bryan directly through his website, linked below.


For writing Audio Drama, here is a solid resource: The Well Tempered Audio Dramatist

Dave Robison
Roundtable Podcast
Onder Librum

Michael McQuilkin
Hadron Gospel Hour
Hadron Gospel Hour on Facebook

Eli McIlveen
Alba Salix, Royal Physician

Bryan Lincoln
Bryan Lincoln Productions

Bryan’s story pitch on The Roundtable Podcast

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