Becoming Professionals. Thoughts for 2016

It’s the last show of 2015 and we’ve actually recorded it in a real studio for once. On this episode we’re joined by Colin Gray of We’re asking the question; will it become easier and more common for Audio Drama creators to build businesses around their work?

1 thought on “Becoming Professionals. Thoughts for 2016”

  1. Happy New Year !Matthew and Robert. I enjoyed this episode very much. I discovered the world of Audio drama many years ago growing up with BBC radio – would run home from school to catch episodes of ‘Dick Barton special agent’ etc.. and only found out that Audio Drama had a new life on the internet when I was thinking about getting involved in Voice Acting 2009/10 here in USA. I’m astounded at how huge this community is. If Audio Dramas were advertised more to older generations (my crowd!!) I feel sure there would be a market there. Just thinking out loud. The work that goes into all aspects of AD is huge as you well know but for me there is great reward from being a part of it all and being recognized by one’s peers even if I don’t get paid (even so ,believe me I could do with a few extra dollars every now and then!).I have ‘met’ and become acquainted with such interesting, creative and talented people(yourselves included) and gained so much experience and learned so much that I didn’t have to pay for ,by being a part of it all .Now, I do try to do my bit by contributing not only in kind.;-) May 2016 be Happy healthy and financially beneficial to us all. Be well and prosper.

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