Fleshing Out Your Characters

When you plan out a story or write a script you will begin to introduce characters. These characters need to have lived their entire lives up until the point where they arrive in your story. You may want to establish these details in advance, as this can help guide you when it comes to finding out how they’ll act towards others, how they’ll react to situations, what their main motivations are, and why.

So how can you go about fleshing out your characters? Here are some tips

Make a checklist!

Ways to expand your character; 

Fill out a questionnaire – lots online

Try to imagine their possessions – what and why?

Things to consider; 

Physical/Aesthetic Characteristics

Character Beliefs and core values

Likes and Dislikes Strengths and FLAWS

What’s their full history? 

Family and friends, as well as enemies

Romance Upbringing and education

Best and worst moments in their lives


Unusual laugh

Hums whilst thinking

Mimics others

Doesn’t understand `personal space`

Pedantic Bites fingernails or OCD

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