Doing It All Yourself

If you’d really like to start making your own Audio Drama, but you have 101 reasons why you can’t just yet, then this episode is for you.


We’ve got two guest segments. The first is from Brian Mock who has literally just started his own Audio Drama production journey. Brian has started a zombie apocalypse show Z-Poc Nation, and he’s encouraging you to get over the many fears and doubts in your mind as you ponder starting your own show. Brian’s message is simple, getting set up doesn’t need to be difficult, or expensive.

The second is from creator of The Fall Audio Drama and man of many voices Dayn Leonardson. In Dayn’s piece he’s going to explain how he voiced multiple characters in his show, and offer you a few tips and tricks for doing the same in yours.

We also have a splendid trailer for Audio Epic’s Witch Hunter Chronicles. And creator Domien De Groot has a special offer for Audio Drama Production Podcast listeners. You can get this 13+ hour epic for only $10 by using the coupon code ADPP when you check out on Bandcamp. Thanks Domien!

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