How Do You Get Commissioned By Audible?

Happy New Year to you. We’re kicking off 2016 with the SVP of Original Content at Eric Nuzum. Eric spent 11 years at NPR as the Vice President of Programming and has a wealth of experience when it comes to identifying quality audio content.

In this chat we find out his opinions on Audio Drama, and what he believes makes for good content with potential for mass consumption. We also talk about the pitching process for creators who want to be commissioned by Audible, and ask for some advice for writer/producers aspiring to work professionally.

It’s a short interview but extremely valuable and insightful. We offer some of our own thoughts afterwards, but we’d really like to hear yours too. Get in touch with us at

Elsewhere, a huge thanks to Steve Cardinal for supporting us on Patreon. Steve is the co-creator of the extremely funny time travel Audio Drama It’s About Time. And best wishes to Brian Mock who has taken the first steps as an Audio Drama creator with his new series Z-Poc Nation.