Audible Commissioning Revisited

Big thanks to Joseph Tucker, creator of The King Strikes Back, who sent us a great interview with Chris Winstanley. Chris recently pitched an audio comedy series to Audible and was commissioned by them to make a pilot episode. This is a valuable insight if you’re planning to pitch an idea to Audible. If you’ve not already heard it, we had Eric Nuzum (SVP of Original Content at Audible) on the podcast in Episode 76.

Joseph has also put out a survey on Audio Drama distribution models and he’d love to get your opinion. You can fill out the survey here.

I also mention four new podcasts created by our Knights of the Pledge.

They are Chasing AudibleThe Owl Field PodcastIron Horses Can’t Be Broken, and Nova Dark.

Music by Kevin Hartnell.

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