Start Small, But Stay Outside Your Comfort Zone. Lav Mics.

There’s a lot to take in when you start making Audio Drama, and even after you’ve been doing it for a few years. Rather than being discouraged by feeling like you’ve got loads to learn, appreciate that this is a great opportunity to constantly build, improve, and create bigger and better content each time you release something.

It’s a good idea to start small to give yourself a foundation in the very basics of creating Audio Drama. Small casts, small scripts, and basic equipment are all ideal at this stage.

It might be a good idea to find yourself a mentor to help you learn your trade. You can propose a ‘skills exchange’ to someone by offering to write show notes for them, or do some basic editing.

Be sure to consolidate each new thing you learn by practicing and utilising them. With that said, it’s also a good idea to constantly keep at least one foot outside your comfort zone and push your boundaries each time you create a new show.

Have a long term goal in mind, but focus on what you can be doing right now to build towards achieving it. A book mentioned in this episode is The One Thing, which is great for reminding yourself to focus on exactly what it is you need to be doing.

We also mentioned our new recording gear – the ATR-3350 Lav Mics running through the Zoom H5. And the post-apocalyptic board game Dead of Winter got a wee mention too.

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