Feeding Your Creativity

In an age where we have access to an almost limitless supply of information in the device in our pockets, it’s very difficult to become truly bored nowadays. Neil Gaiman once remarked that his creative process was simply to become as bored as he possibly could be until he had no choice but to start writing.

It isn’t just a case of creating the best conditions to work under either. If we don’t really pay attention to the world and the people around us, how can we draw inspiration from things to recreate them in our stories?

We’re not for one minute suggesting that everyone needs to unplug themselves from the internet, but if you can get out for a walk or two each week without any entertainment devices on your person, you’d be surprised at how liberating this can be for your mind.

Elsewhere, we mention Cornucopia Theatre and Ren, the girl with the mark. As well as our Valenhigh fund raising campaign.

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