Episode Lengths – How Long Should My Audio Dramas Be?

It’s a frequently asked question in Audio Drama, and an interview with Brian and Jerry at Great Northern Audio Theater (which can be heard in the second half of this episode) prompted our discussion on the subject.

Great Northern Audio recently produced a 90 minute one-off ‘feature length’ Audio Drama called In The Embers. So does it matter if you make a 5min episode, or a 2 hour episode? How do you decide what length your episodes should be? Or is it something you should simply ignore during the writing process?

Also mentioned on this episode, The BehemothBreadcrumbs MagazinePen & PaperGreater Boston, and Alba Salix.

On top of that we mention that we’ll be speaking on the UK Podcasters Online Conference on Thursday 21st April at 1pm UK time.

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