The Five Cs of Making Audio Drama

There’s five things that are really important in the writing and production of quality Audio Drama, and they all begin with C.

Conspiracy? Well, that does too.

So what are the five Cs of making Audio Drama?

Characters – your listener doesn’t want one dimensional cardboard cutout characters. He/she wants you to make them friends and give them enemies.

Cast – You need a cast to bring your characters to life. Build a small circle of people you like and trust to do a good job. Treat your cast with respect, and look after them as much as you can.

Consistency – Getting stuff out there is important for building momentum and staying on the radar of your audience. Make sure your output is sustainable in relation to the time you have to make stuff.

Community – Build relationships with people, make friends, help people, share your knowledge, learn from others, promote the shows you love, leave reviews, and collaborate on projects.

Critique – Always seek to improve. Get honest feedback from others, and return the favour. Create a small ‘mastermind’ group where you can help each other to become better at what you do.

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