How To Get Your Audio Drama In iTunes

iTunesAn overwhelming majority of podcast listening takes place through iTunes/The Podcast App. If you’re running an Audio Drama podcast you absolutely must be listed there if you want to build any kind of fanbase at all.

Putting episodes up on Youtube is fine, but don’t make that the primary place you send people. The majority of Audio Drama fans want to subscribe to and download their favourite shows, and listen to them away from their screens.

Setting a podcast up and getting it into iTunes is pretty straightforward. Here’s our step by step guide to help you towards your big podcast launch.

How To Get Your Audio Drama In iTunes – Step By Step

  1. You need a media host to essentially create your show in podcast form. There are many media hosts out there, but we recommend Libsyn. Other good media hosts and Blubrry and Spreaker. Avoid Soundcloud as they are a perennial shambles. is free, but it is slow and unreliable.
  2. Sign up to Libsyn – use the coupon code ADPP to get a month free there.
  3. You can start a Libsyn account from $5 a month, or add stats for $7. If you’re putting out a minimum of one episode per month this will be enough. If you want a bit more storage you can up that to $15 a month though.
  4. When you sign up you’ll be asked to pick a show ‘slug’. Ours is ‘audiodramaproduction’. Pick one as close to your show’s name as possible. You can change it further down the line, but you won’t want to, as it can harm your show.
  5. Go to ‘Settings’ and ‘Edit Show Settings’
  6. Fill out your show’s details.
  7. It’s a good idea to get “Audio Drama” in your show title so people can find it in a search, so, for example, we might put “Aftermath | The Audio Drama”.
  8. Upload your cover art. Make sure it’s 1400 x 1400 and under 500kb.
  9. Click ‘Save’ once you’re done in ‘Edit Show Settings’
  10. Go to ‘Destinations’ and ‘Edit or View Existing’.
  11. Beside ‘Libsyn Classic Feed’ click ‘Edit’
  12. Select your iTunes categories (these aren’t very Audio Drama friendly – ‘Performing Arts’ is probably the most appropriate).
  13. Enter your show’s info on this page and hit ‘Save’. This is where iTunes will pull everything from.
  14. Go to ‘Content’ and ‘Add New Episode’. You need to have at least one episode in your feed to submit your show to iTunes.
  15. Upload your episode by hitting ‘Add Media File’.
  16. Fill out your episode details.
  17. Don’t copy text from a Word Doc into the description box, as hidden code can cause issues with your feed.
  18. Click ‘Publish’ to publish your first episode.
  19. Go back to ‘Destinations’.
  20. Under ‘Quick Links’ and ‘Libsyn Classic Feed’ you’ll see a URL like – copy this link. This is your RSS feed.
  21. Open iTunes.
  22. On the right hand side menu, select ‘Podcasts’ then further down ‘Submit a Podcast’.
  23. You will be asked to log in, if you aren’t already.
  24. Click the + icon.
  25. Copy your RSS feed into the box. Hit ‘Submit’.
  26. Job done! Apple will be in touch (usually within a week) to tell you your podcast has been approved and is now listed there.
  27. You can also submit your RSS feed to other directories (like Stitcher) to have your show listed there too. It won’t do you any harm to be listed in as many different places as possible.