Kc Wayland on Lockdown, Audio Theater for the Mind, & Writing an Audio Drama Bible

Matthew with Kc in Anaheim. In the background is ‘The Arena’ that inspired the infamous We’re Alive storyline.

Kc Wayland isn’t just the guy behind We’re Alive and Lockdown. He’s the very reason many of us are listening to and making Audio Drama of our own.

It’s always a real pleasure to welcome him onto the show, and this is another conversation packed with insight and value.

With Lockdown in the can and available for release, Kc will also be working on an Audio Drama with Laurence Fishburne later in the year.

On top of that he’s currently writing an Audio Drama production ‘bible’ titled “Bombs Always Beep” which will form the basis for a course he’ll be teaching at a University in Southern California.

You can keep up to date with all of these projects on Kc’s website and by following him on Twitter at @waylandprod

2 thoughts on “Kc Wayland on Lockdown, Audio Theater for the Mind, & Writing an Audio Drama Bible”

  1. Oh my word! KC was hitting the nail on the head with so many points! I was yelling at my podcatcher (in my mind, of course) “Preach it!”. 🙂

    Biggest takeaway: One absolutely _must_ focus first on the story and work on that to perfect it before ever worrying about the actors and sound design. Because if you have the best actors and foley artists/sound designers in world, but you’re working with a bad script, the final product will still be terrible. Unnatural dialog will pull a listener out of a story faster than a mediocre actor or subpar soundscape, in my opinion.

    Great conversation, Matthew!

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