11th Hour Audio

Eleven0fiveThe goal of 11th hour audio is to celebrate World Audio Drama Day (October 30th) by bringing creators together annually to complete an audio project.

The idea is to get together with a group of people in your local area, write, record, and produce a short Audio Drama story in the horror/suspense genre.

The window opens on Saturday 1st October, and closes on Saturday 29th when the finished piece needs to be submitted to the organisers (the Audio Drama Network, details TBC).

Last year, on a whim, several Northeastern US producers and some voice actors from the UK and the US got together and produced a 20-minute horror production called Vultures Over Low Doves.

It was all produced in the month of October.  It was recorded one week before Halloween, with Eli McIlveen, Monique and Matthew Boudreau doing all of the post work in the course of one week.

What we’d like to do this year is spread that out to as many places as possible.  Here is what we have so far:
It’ll happen in the Northeastern US again with a script written by Steve Schneider.
Mischa Stanton is rounding up folks in the Western US.
Pete Lutz is heading up the Texas area.
Matthew McLean is going try to to whip something in Scotland.
Andy Goddard is running one in London.

If other groups from other regions want to get involved and do a show, that would be outstanding.

Please let the organisers know by September 5th so they can whip up some buzz about it – email info@auralstage.com