Experimental Audio | Episode 105

This episode is a celebration of audio drama pushing the boundaries of storytelling through using stylised performances, creating atmosphere through soundscapes – digitally, or through layering self-made effects and/or dialogue.

Stevie K Farnaby, AKA SKiFfle, is the sound engineer behind the experimental “Electric Grasshopper” EP, Soundtrack to an Alien Invasion, and he shares his expertise in creating soundscapes and effects, and using equipment to its full advantage.

Thanks to Stevie K Farnaby

For further information on his work with Jay Ellington Lee, including their new version of The Doctor Who Theme, do visit Brokensea Audio and the Arid Ice blog.

The Science Museum’s Oramics to Electronica exhibition is here

Matthew’s review of the Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 interface is available at The Podcast Host. Please visit The Podcast Host for a rich resource of articles and reviews on all aspects of podcasting.

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Music by Kevin Hartnell

Sound effects from freesound.org

Shaker by Jarred Gibb

button-click-02 by Fats Million

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