Directing Voice Actors | Episode 111

Hello! We have fabulous contributions from a number of wonderful audio creatives who spend hours of fun time directing Voice Actors. What does a director of audio work actually do? We find out with varying degrees of success, hints and tips with help from:

Ed Champion, creator and producer of The Gray Area.

Eli McIlveen writer, creator and Sean Howard producer and co-creator of Alba Salix, Royal Physician.

Hari Rai Khalsa, Producer and Director of Radiation World.

Pete Lutz – Writer, Producer, Director Actor, Publicist, Sound designer, maker of t-shirts for Narada Radio Company.

So what are the kind of things you can expect a Director of an Audio Drama Or Comedy to do? Provide snacks? A back massage now ‘n then? Promise no violence? Yes to all of these. Definitely more snacks. Mmmmm Chocolate Digestives..

There’s a lot to be said for those who take the time to communicate with these wonderful strange beasts known as actors, and give them a ballpark to aim for – especially if they’re remote/satellite. How does directing folks in a room differ from directing someone through an earpiece in a different continent, or four actors in different time zones using source connect? Why is saying ‘Do Irish’ not totally acceptable? Have a listen and feel free to communicate with us how YOU work. Or let us know if this podcast has been useful….

We’d LOVE to hear from you….

Fiona and Sarah

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