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So we’ve finally moved our entire back catalogue of Audio Drama stories to Libsyn (use coupon code ADPP to get a months free hosting with them) and you can download/listen to them all right here. This includes both seasons of our post-apocalyptic Audio Drama series Aftermath.

From a creative point of view, these pieces demonstrate a steep learning curve. The production values in Season 1 of Aftermath, combined with some of our early short stories, fall way below the standards we’ve set for ourselves nowadays. Nevertheless, we’ve learned a lot from putting these pieces together, and we’re very proud of them.

We hope that you enjoy listening to each one as much as we enjoyed making it. Be sure to subscribe via our RSS feed so you don’t miss out on future stories. And any ratings/reviews on iTunes would be hugely appreciated too!

A word of warning; most are NSFW

A Scottish Podcast

Set three years after the events of Why Kat & Doug don’t get along. Failed musician Doug Baker arrives back in Scotland after a spell living in London. Against his better judgement he is roped into helping disgraced ex radio presenter Lee Power create a paranormal investigation podcast. 

Equal parts comedy and horror, A Scottish Podcast is an ongoing Audio Drama series we’ve been working on since early 2016. Here’s a full list of episodes.

Short Stories

Cargo A small group of humans wake up on board an alien space craft.

Necromancer An electrician figures out a way to reanimate corpses. 

What You Can’t See What you don’t see…

Kraken Mare A small crew is sent to Titan, one of the moons of Saturn, to investigate mysterious wreckage on the floor of its largest methane ocean.

Time is Money Sci-fi tale of time travel and art theft

Why Kat & Doug don’t get along Comedy tale of two feuding Scottish musicians

Captive Minds Dan gets a dream job with a game company – but there’s more to this position than meets the eye

Blind Spot British Public Radio Award winning short drama, set in West Germany, circa 1989

By The Book Surreal drama, written by Charlie Rushworth

Who’s There? Our first ever piece of audio fiction, a short creepy tale from 2011

What on Earth Comedy tale of Earth’s alien overlords’ despair at the human race

The Jester’s Slippers Comedy/fantasy tale, created for the War of the Worlds 75th anniversary competition back in 2013

The Funeral Short creepy piece of audio fiction

This is not Dr Who fan fiction A montage of Audio Drama scenes, and very short stories

Aftermath Season 1

Aftermath: Prologue The apocalypse hits Scotland

Season 1: Introduction Harry stays behind on the farm as Andy & Lucy head out to look for help

Episode 1: The Lock In Andy & Lucy run into some other survivors

Episode 2: New Rules There’s tension on the farm following the arrival of a new face

Episode 3: Jaded Hopes Harry & Joe notice something strange in the distance

Episode 4: Doctor’s Orders A mysterious group assembles in St. Andrews

Episode 5: Steel Birds A visitor brings troubling news to the farm

Episode 6: Absent Friends Dr Harrison delivers some shocking news to Chalmers about the attacks

Aftermath Season 2

Season 2: Introduction The bigger picture becomes clearer

Episode 1: New Blood Lives are lost on the farm, and Andy meets an old friend

Episode 2: Breaking the Ice In the depths of winter, Charlotte and Andy head out on a risky mission

Episode 3: Deadbolt Dr Harrison returns to St. Andrews with something very important

Episode 4: Shanghai The farm group realise they have no other option than to help Luciani and co with their plan  

Episode 5: Revelations There’s a traitor in the ranks – with some dire intentions

Episode 6: Omega The explosive climax

16 thoughts on “Aftermath & other Audio Drama stories”

  1. richie says:

    great shows great storyline

    1. Yap Audio Production says:

      Thanks very much Richie. What other Audio Drama series are you a fan of?

  2. CallenWorld says:

    Hi guys! Learning a lot from your talks. Have you tried Celtx for scripting? I love it, and it is free. I also am using Google drive to set up my Audio Drama student club.

    Still fighting to get hardware, but the kids are getting interested. Writing a grant for our project from our teacher foundation. My alma mater high school was Highland, and we marched in kilts and played pipes, but now I work at the high school in town that uses Indians as a mascot. What do you think of “Indian Voices” as a club name? I want them to do interviews as well as dramas, so I thought a more nuetral, ethereal name might be in order. I kind of cringe at the word “Indian” since it is so inaccurate, but what can you do? Our city was founded by Chief Anderson who was half native and half Swede. Lol. “Half-breed Voices” seemed a wee bit un-pc.

    BTW, I tried to start listening to Aftermath using the Overcast app, but they will not load. Ideas?

    1. Yap Audio Production says:

      Hey Todd, sounds like you’re doing some great work. The episode we’re planning to record this week might actually give you some more ideas, based on what you’re saying.

      Have heard of Celtx, but never used it. Will need to check it out. With Aftermath, it could be the redundant feed from our old host/RSS that Overcast is trying to pull from. You’ll be able to subscribe and download through this RSS feed hope that helps!

      Thanks for listening, and keep us posted on your progress at the school.


  3. Gabriel says:

    Excellent story, superb editing and phenomenal voice acting! Please for the love of GOD keep making Audio dramas! You all have a rare talent that could single-handedly bring audio dramatizations to the limelight once more.

    I’d one day like to try my own hand at voice acting in an audio drama one day.

    1. Yap Audio Production says:

      Hey Gabriel, thanks for the kind comments. That made our day. What are some of your other favourite audio dramas?

  4. David lythjohan says:

    I’m new to podcast I am 61 years old and trying to learn so any help that comes from you would be greatly appreciated I truly enjoyed what I’ve experienced so far and I thank you

    1. Yap Audio Production says:

      Thanks David, appreciate the kind words. What is it you need help with?

  5. Jessilyn says:


    Amazingly entertaining and enjoyable! Loved the Aftermath series, i am a zombie podcast junkie. If you know of anymore good ones like this, let me know! Thank you for posting it!


  6. Jessilyn says:

    Will there be more seasons?

    1. Yap Audio Production says:

      Hi Jessilyn, thanks very much! Currently no plans to do any more Aftermath seasons but really pleased to hear you enjoyed it. I take it you’ll be familiar with We’re Alive?

      1. Jessilyn says:

        I am, I listed to them when they first came out, really enjoyed them. Also loved HG world. There are a lot of good ones out there but not enough to fuel the 8 hour shifts i have Monday through Friday. haha. I also listen to the nosleep podcast, chilling tales, Liberty: Critical research. The deep vault. Archive 81, Tales to terrify and a few others. Constantly looking for new ones. Hope to hear more from you folks!

  7. Carolyn (Australia) says:

    New to Podcasts, I found “A Scottish Podcast”, which I really enjoy. The characters are real, believable and funny, and the story likewise – just gets better and better, and has me fearing the characters are going to get themselves in deeper and deeper. Lol
    I hang out for this podcast, and was, as a result referred to this site to find more works (to tide me over, while I master the art of patience between episodes) and to see what else this team had worked on … Initially directed to “Kraken Mare”, which has the same characteristics as mentioned above, and is also a great example of how talented artists can conjour an image in our minds through sound effects alone. It is my favourite single episode podcast, and do not see it being toppled from its pedestal. (I can replay that ending in my mind so clearly, over and over. The sound composition just worked for me.. it told me exactly what I was seeing without seeing).
    I recommend you check it out if you haven’t already.
    I’m working my way through them all, and have just started “Aftermath”.

    I am finding there are different styles to podcast storytelling, and the method used in these ones is my preferred Style, as it draws me in as if I’m in the room with the characters, and lets my mind create the imagery based on the audio cues of the podcast. (Is it disturbing that we can be so easily influenced by sound alone?! Lol)

    Overall, I am fascinated by the thought that must go into these productions.
    Great work!! And thankyou for the time, effort and creativity you all put in.. 🙂

    I will now go and recommend to all my friends…..

    1. Yap Audio Production says:

      Thank you Carolyn! That’s a lovely message to see after 12 hours sitting at the computer editing our next production (another one off story, set in space!). Delighted you’ve enjoyed our work so much, and thanks for taking the time to let us know about it too.

      Good luck with Aftermath. It was our very first steps into Audio Drama production so it’s pretty rough around the edges to begin with, but hopefully that doesn’t spoil your enjoyment of it.

  8. Joe Croscup says:

    I’m writing on behalf of Pearson because one of our author teams is looking to provide an image of a post-apocalyptic podcast in their forthcoming educational program, THE WRITER’S WORLD: PARAGRAPHS & ESSAYS. The image would appear in a section on media writing with the prompt: comes to an end, and as we slowly descend, the sounds of screams, laughs, excited chatter, and music fill the air. Tiara Johnson, student Revising 1. Underline the topic sentence. 2. Highlight three vivid images in the paragraph. Answers will vary.3. The paragraph lacks a title. Add a title. Answers will vary.Editing 4.Underline and correct one adverb error. 5. A fragment lacks a subject or a verb and is an incomplete sentence. Underline and correct one fragment. 6. Underline and correct a dangling modifier. See the following Grammar Hint for an explanation about dangling modifiers. Insert PE 6-D and PE IMG 6-04Replace Media Writing and format as follows. Images pending permissions. Watch or listen to media that refer to or depicts futuristic, post-apocalyptic, or mysterious places. Write an illustration paragraph describing what you see, hear, or envision. Describe the setting or main characters. Use imagery that appeals to the senses. Here are some suggestions to spark ideas.
    Can you kindly confirm if you might be interested in granting such rights so I can issue a formal permission request? We’d need to obtain a hi-res image of the “cover” to Aftermath as well.
    Please let me know know if you have any questions or concerns.
    All best,
    Joe Croscup
    Rights and Permissions Manager
    Ohlinger Publishing Services

  9. Joe Croscup says:

    My apologies but I didn’t realize I cut and pasted too much manuscript from chapter 6. Below is the correct prompt that would introduce the podcast cover image to Aftermath:
    Watch or listen to media that refer to or depicts futuristic, post-apocalyptic, or mysterious places. Write an illustration paragraph describing what you see, hear, or envision. Describe the setting or main characters. Use imagery that appeals to the senses. Here are some suggestions to spark ideas.

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