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TheĀ A to Z of Audio Drama

How to get your Audio Drama in iTunes

What is Audio Drama anyway?

The Audio Drama Satellite Voice Acting Guide

Should I charge for my Audio Dramas?

Our recommended home recording setup for voice actors

How to reduce reverb if you don’t have a vocal booth

5 Reasons why you should start an Audio Drama

How to create Audio Drama: Even if you’ve never mixed audio before in your life

The Podcast Host

Libsyn Vs Blubrry – Where Should You Host Your Show?

How to Create a Silent Home Studio

What Does 44100Hz Mean? Podcast Sample Rates

Radio Plays or Audio Fiction? What’s in a Name?

Best Audio Fiction Podcasts

How to Make a Fiction Podcast

Chapter 1 – Story Format

Chapter 2 – Story Structure

Chapter 3 – Writing For Audio

Chapter 4 – Finding & Rewarding Talent

Chapter 5 – Recording Your Show

Chapter 6 – Producing Your Show

Chapter 7 – Launching & Growing Your Show

Chapter 8 – Monetising Your Show

2 thoughts on “Audio Drama Production Blog”

  1. Discovered your show within the last couple of weeks and was amazed to find so many other people in the world who love audio. I’ve tried a big selection of podcasts over the past two years and have to say yours is the easiest to listen to. The american ones can be a bit overly “aggresive” if you know what I mean. You guys manage to be enthusiastic without turning into Tony Robbins motivational types! Already picked up some tips that will help me promote my own children’s audio story podcast. It’s not exactly an audio drama, but like you, I love adding music and sound effects to create an imaginary world. Keep up the excellent work, looking forward to working my way through all your back episodes.
    All the best
    Neil MacKinnon (Gold Coast, Australia)

  2. ria stone says:

    I really like this website. I am exploring the idea of making an audio drama. This site is very useful. I will probably be on this site for months learning about making audio dramas, thank you.

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